I passed the CELTA course!!! I’m back to sharing my wandering mind with you. I must say, I’ve really missed sharing with you all and seeing what flows from your well of creativity. That course consumed my life! An entire month of input and lesson plans, grammar analysis, vocabulary analysis and lots of inquisitive and eager minds from Russia, France, Italy, Turkey, Columbia…The list goes own. I didn’t even get to enjoy the lovely city of Miami Beach to the extent that I would have loved to. A couple of photos from a few hours of exploration to come in another post.


As exhausting as it was, the experience was priceless and I miss my students so much now. However, I’m finding it very challenging to get a teaching position even though I’ve only just finished the course on October 4th. My desire was to teach in Europe or the UK. What I’ve found out is that teaching positions in Europe are only offered to members of the EU. What a bummer! Apparently the economy is not doing well there at the moment so they have limited job offers only to people already living and working within the EU. As far as the UK goes, I’ve applied to one position there but they too ask that you be legal to work in the UK at the time of application.


This is all very disheartening to me especially since I haven’t worked in a while and really need a job. But also because I am ready to put my teaching practice to use! Maybe those destinations aren’t for me so I have opened myself up to where ever God has destined for me to go. In the meantime I am working on starting a tutoring service geared towards expats and their families here in the Bahamas. Hopefully that becomes a means of income until the right travel opportunity comes along.


So, that’s my update summary on my current state of life in search of a teaching job that I will absolutely love, in a place that I won’t want to leave while serving eager learners and trying to make the world a better place with God’s leading. If you have any suggestions please message me. You’re always so supportive. Thank you!


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